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Important Info on Dog Eye Health

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The health of our beloved dog’s eyes could be significantly impacted by a number of conditions, several of which are treatable with surgery or medication, while others are progressive diseases that merely worsen with time. Dog eye health is a serious matter for pet owners, sightcare reviews (click the next post) and it is important we familiarize ourselves with the typical concerns that could develop in order to protect our most dedicated of friends.

Here are some of the most common dog eye health problems:

– Canine Cherry Eye: But not always painful pretty much as irritating, canine cherry eye, happening more frequently in certain breeds, is corrected with surgery to reposition the displaced tear gland behind the final eyelid.

– Cataracts: Cataracts happen several times during the day in specific dog breeds, or as an outcome of problems such as diabetes, or even just on account of age. In most healthful animals, the clouded lens could effectively be eliminated during surgery.

– Distichiasis: Some breeds are certainly more susceptible than others for the condition referred to as distichiasis, that takes place as soon as the eyelashes are abnormally located on the eyelid causing disease as well as irritation on the eye.

– Glaucoma: Glaucoma is caused by increased stress within the eye due to a build up of fluids that don’t drain correctly. Dog glaucoma is the leading reason for canine blindness, that can occur inside as little as 24 hours, or painfully and slowly over a period of month or weeks.

– Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): This genetic condition has an effect on dog eye health in it harms the retina and causes a loss of vision especially when it’s dark, with confined vision during the day. There’s no cure or treatment for PRA, however, just about all dogs will change well as the condition is either seen first at birth, or progresses bit by bit after the dog is many years of age.


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