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Weight loss On Your New Years Agenda? Get ready for The top Weight Loss Scams Of 2006! PART 2

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When there is something we can agree upon it really is that “eating right and exercising” is the real path to lasting results. We know this still a lot of people that have met repeated failure following failure despite having “eating right and exercising” as they “perceive” to understand it have slowly lost the belief that good change is even possible.

What happens next is that they start to be key targets for the quick fix, pill in a can secret weight loss solution. Compound that with a society that is geared toward “easy” everything and you’ve droves of individuals buying into weight loss in a bottle.

And so here it is: Part 2 of the top Weight Loss Scams of 2006.

2. The Ephedra Free “Natural” Fat Burners or perhaps Anything In Pill Form That Claims In order to Be a fix In And Of Itself.

Should you appear real carefully at that product too a lot of people sit in front of each day and after that pay attention to the commercials you’ll see an increasing amount of ads for fat burners around this particular time of year. Fat burners are the supplement companies flagship, mega profit generators come New Years.

For starters, supplement just means “extra” and if a concern for the ideal nutrition, moderate cardiovascular exercise along with a concern for muscle are not met in a synergistic way you then can forget about long term results by taking a pill.

Since the main or active ingredient in most body fat burners (ephedrine) was pulled (not banned) away from the market, supplement sellers must come up with its “natural” replacement; synephrine which is “natural” and will come from sour orange or citrus aurantium just like ephedrine originated from ephedra or perhaps the herb ma huang. Synephrine is located in many OTC nasal sprays however, organic does not usually mean safe. Nicotine is “naturally” determined in tobacco and is one of the most addictive drugs (poison actually) in the earth. Need I say more on tobacco’s long term “natural” effects on the body? Given this isn’t the very best metabolism booster for men (washingtoncitypaper.com) comparison but simply check out the warning labels on the OTC nasal sprays that have synephrine and see for yourself. Too bad they do not put these on the Ephedrine totally free extra fat burner labels.

The mechanism by which a lot of fat burners job is through diuretic water damage that is misleading and appetite suppression forcing some people to cut way back on calories neglecting essential metabolic demand as well as tricking the body into believing its starving. Yes, you may lose weight initially and many times these items do not find repeat customers due to long term benefits but because of a “natural” addiction developed by a solution that alters endocrine function and is really close to legal speed.


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