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Baby Oil


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Just for Baby Oil with goodness of Natural Olive & Almond oil gets easily absorbed in your baby’s skin and it is great for everyday massage. Regular massage with this rich nourishing oil enriched with vitamin E promotes your Baby’s bone development. Applying Just for Baby Oil creates a protective barrier on Baby’s skin that locks moisture & keeps your baby’s skin soft.

It has been tested for allergy & formulated with 100% safe ingredients.

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1. Gets easily absorbed in baby’s skin
2. Regular massage helps baby’s growth
3. Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E
4. Enriched with the goodness of Olive and Almond Oil
5. Creates a protective barrier on baby’s skin that locks moisture
6. 100% natural moistuizers*
7. Paraben free
8. Color free
9. Australian Allergy certified

*Contains moisturizers from natural sources


Apply gently on baby’s skin and massage with gentle strokes


Mineral Oil, Perfume, Vitamin E Acetate, Olive oil, Almond Oil