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Balancing family life and work from home

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Working from home is not an easy task especially for a working woman. On a regular day generally, most employees maintain a certain routine. However, working from home is a different challenge. Especially when you have to do your job and look after your family members all at the same time. Maintaining the right balance is not an easy task.

Everyone has to follow a particular schedule in the office. One has the chance to share the duties with the colleagues face to face. But in the ‘work from home’ schedule, this scope is not available. This actually becomes a huge challenge. Alongside that, having to take care of her child or the family members on top of that becomes quite a tedious process.
So here are a few tips that you can follow to strike the balance between family life and work while working from home:

Divide your 24 hours into short routines. You have to keep 8 hours for office work separate. Then plan for the rest of the hours to take care of your baby. Spend quality time with your family and of course, leave some time for yourself. You should have a solid sleep of 6-8 hours. Try to get up early in the morning so that you can plan your daily work before the office hours start.

A con of working from home can be procrastination. When you have to stay at home for a long time, you may feel a bit lethargic as well. So as a working mother sometimes you may lag in your daily chores. Maintaining the right balance between family and work may become tricky, and it may sometimes affect your professional life. So finish your daily work on time. If you can maintain punctuality you can get ample time to spend with your child.

Because breakfast and lunch happen during work hours, it may be difficult to make time to have those with your family. So spare some time for your family during the evening tea and dinner. As you can avoid the hectic traffic jams that take up a lot of your time while returning home, you can pass the evening with your family members. This will help you recharge and will give you the mental boost to start the next day nicely.

As you are working from home you should share the responsibilities properly with your spouse. If you have a child, share the duties of bathing or feeding him/her with your spouse. Dividing duties will make you feel relieved and your baby will enjoy being with both of his/ her parents. Sometimes you can have a quality time with your spouse too. You may enjoy a movie at night, or prepare a nice meal together for each other. These may also help strengthen the relationship you have with your spouse.

As you are now at home and have ample time to do things you didn’t have time to do before – you can try out new things. You can try meditation for starters -it relaxes both your body and mind and is claimed to reduce anxiety. Moreover, If you have any other passion such as writing, painting, or anything else, now may be the best time to indulge in. Also you can enjoy some quality family time. You can try new recipes or play a family board game with all the family members.

Working from home is indeed hectic for a working woman. But if you can plan carefully and get some help from family members, you can enjoy a work life balance beautifully.