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Benefits of Breastfeeding Your Baby

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Breast milk is undoubtedly the finest food for your baby, and the multiple benefits of breastfeeding imply that breast milk benefits your baby in a variety of other ways. Breastfeeding not only benefits your baby’s physical and mental development, but it protects your health as well. My son is two months old and I regularly breastfeed him, as I am aware of the amazing benefits of breastfeeding for my little one and myself. In today’s blog, I will talk about these benefits –


1. Breast milk provides your kid with all of the nutrition they need in the first six months of their life. During these early months, your baby does not require any water or nourishment other than breast milk. Breast milk is created specifically for the digestive tract of a newborn baby. Your milk’s protein and fat are simpler to digest for your baby than cow’s milk formula. Its micronutrients are absorbed quickly as well. And, unlike formula milk, which stays the same from feeding to feeding and can to can, the milk your body produces varies in composition as per your baby’s requirements. 


2. Breast milk contains antibodies, beneficial bacteria, and other agents that help your newborn avoid illnesses and diseases like gastroenteritis, respiratory tract infections, ear infections, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and obesity. Breast milk contains beneficial fats that help in the development of a baby’s brain. Breastfeeding is beneficial for the development of a baby’s eyesight, speech, jaw, and mouth.


3. Breast milk provides a respite for your baby’s digestive system. When your full milk arrives (typically three to four days after delivery), it has more sugar and volume than colostrum, which is just what your baby needs. To keep up with their rapid growth, they need a lot of energy and frequent feedings.


4. Breastfeeding my son feels super convenient as I don’t have to worry about sterilising bottles and water, mixing powder, keeping baby formula milk warm or chilled for feeding. This is environmentally friendly as well. Moreover, it helps new mothers lose weight after pregnancy. Besides, breastfeeding women are more likely to go to sleep than formula feeding moms, and their sleep cycles are more in sync with their kids’. Studies suggest that breastfeeding mothers have had reduced incidence of breast cancer, osteoporosis, and type 2 diabetes than non-breastfeeding mothers. 


5. According to some studies, breastfed babies tend to have better IQ and larger brain size compared to the babies who were fed formula milk. Breast milk contains important nutrients for brain development, such as arachidonic acids, cholesterol, and the omega-3 fatty acid DHA, as well as hormones like oxytocin, thyroxin, estrogen, etc.


Apart from these, breastfeeding newborns also ensures hours of skin-to-skin contact of newborns with their mothers, which helps them grow intellectually while also making them feel cherished and protected. It also helps you to build a strong emotional bond with your baby. So, as a new mom, I would suggest all the new and expecting mothers to opt for breastfeeding your babies instead of formula milk if that’s possible. It’s good for your health as well!


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