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Why Parachute Just For Baby Is Perfect For Newborn Skin?

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I am a mom of two precious babies and for both of them, I’ve been using  the Parachute Just For Baby skincare range from the very beginning. I have tested a few other brands but none of them satisfied me as much as Parachute Just For Baby did.  The versatility of its range and the trust of safety that it comes with are what made me come back to this brand again and again. 


Parachute Just For Baby has everything you need for your baby’s skin. From baby lotion, baby wash, baby oil, rash cream, baby powder to face cream, baby soap, and toothpaste of different flavors; it has them all. 


Newborns have delicate skin. So you need to be very careful of the ingredients that are in the products you use on them. Harmful ingredients may harm your baby’s skin, cause irritation, leave them with rashes, or have prolonged side effects. That is why products made with 100%  safe ingredients are the way to go. To take care of my firstborn, I had used all things from Parachute Just For Baby. However, when my second born arrived, I tried some other renowned brands, to see how they are. Turned out that none of them satisfied me as much as Just For Baby did. Unlike the other brands used, Parachute Just for baby’s range suited my second baby’s skin really well  and I figured that it’s best to not experiment, and stick to the brand that had proven its prowess previously. 


Parachute Just For Baby products are formulated with 100% safe ingredients. So, they’re not harsh on delicate skin. Rather, they nourish baby skin gently. Both of my babies have naturally dry skin. By massaging them regularly with the baby oil from this range, I’ve managed to minimize the appearance of flakes significantly. After bathing them, I never forget to apply the baby lotion for it’s endowed with the richness of Almond Milk & Olive Oil. It seals moisture for 24 hours and keeps them happy. 

My firstborn wasn’t fond of bath time. But the Parachute Baby Wash made it tolerable for him. Thanks to the amazing fragrance and the no tears formula of it. 


I initially started using Parachute Just For Baby Oil for my first child during winter. Then, after getting super impressed by the product, I started trying the other baby products from its range like lotion, wash and more recently its toothpaste. My older baby loves their mixed fruit toothpaste and calls it “bubblegum” in his own baby language. My younger baby hasn’t started speaking yet, but he too enjoys bath time with the Baby wash and loves it when I massage him with the parachute Just for Baby, baby lotion and baby Face cream after bath time. 


So, if you’re looking for some safe baby care products – that take gentle care, like me, you can have faith in Parachute Just For Baby. They have been certified Made Safe, by Safe Cosmetics Australia, and they won’t disappoint you. Parachute Just for Baby is my recommendation, a mother’s recommendation.