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Keeping our skin moisturised in summer is quite a task, but it is even more complicated for babies. Their skin is so soft and delicate, and the summer sun is not merciful. Being a parent, I can understand that with summer, heat rashes, irritated skin and diaper rashes are back and how you are concerned about your little one’s skin. But don’t worry, with days getting hotter and hotter, I have some handy and ‘cool’ tips on how you can keep your newborn’s skin moisturised.


Why is Moisturising Important for Babies in Summer?

I had always heard that baby skin was different, but I noticed it firsthand with my child. In the beginning, I could sense her little palpable discomfort during summer when her developing and delicate skin made her susceptible to sunburn and rashes. That’s when after getting a recommendation from my sister, I made sure to keep her skin moisturized on summer days to keep it well hydrated. Now, because I keep her skin moisturised and hydrated, even the hottest summer days can’t take her smile away!  Here are some tips that you too can follow to keep your baby happy and moisturised in summer:



  • Give Your Baby a Refreshing Bath: My little one adores bath! Most babies enjoy a refreshing bath, and it is one of the fun and common ways to keep their skin hydrated, fresh and clean. During the summer season, bathing keeps the sweats away and keeps your baby comfortable. But use only lukewarm water, not too cold or hot, only lukewarm. In hot weather, I give my child a refreshing bath at least twice a day. It makes her comfy, and she sleeps better. Make sure to pat your little one dry after the baths. 
  • Apply Hypoallergenic Moisturiser: Hot air in summer can make your baby’s skin dry pretty fast. When I see that my child’s skin is dry, I apply hypoallergenic moisturiser. You can use this moisturiser twice a day. Applying moisturiser after bath time is a good idea since it helps lock the moisturiser in the skin for an extended period. It keeps the baby’s skin soft and reduces dryness. When you tenderly massage your newborn with a moisturiser, you can see the flaky skin on them is loosening up, and it helps with the peeling process.  
  • Use a Humidifier: During the summer season, it can get pretty dry around the home, and it can make your little one’s skin dry by snatching away the moisture from its skin. You can use a cool-mist humidifier to make the air in your home comfortable for the baby. It will help to keep their skin moisturised even on the driest day! 
  • Hydrate Your Little One: It is not recommended to give water to babies under six months old. Keep your baby well-hydrated by giving her sufficient breast milk or formula. In summer, it is crucial to keep your baby hydrated to keep her comfortable and moisturised. 
  • Use Only Cotton Wear: Synthetic clothes for babies in summer is an absolute no-no. It can make your child uncomfortable and give skin rashes. I use only cotton clothes in summer for my baby as it is breathable and keeps the moisturiser in. If you can, avoid dark colour clothes as they retain heat and make your baby hot and uncomfortable. 
  • Use Sunscreen: Direct sun is terrible for newborns. Keep your newborn inside during peak hours. If you need to go outside with your baby, apply a small amount of child-safe sunscreen, SPF 15 or higher, on your little one’s exposed skin, 15-30 minutes before going outside. It will keep your baby’s skin protected from the sun and moisturised. 




Keep your baby hydrated and moisturised with my tips, and let your baby enjoy their first bright and warm summer!