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Correct Way Of Diapering And Diaper Hygiene Tips And Tricks For New Moms

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“Welcome to the world of diapers and sleepless nights” – I received several messages like this from my friends and relatives after giving birth to my child 4 months back. In just a few days, I realized how true it was. I think one of the first and most crucial things any new parents must learn is how to change diapers quickly, because diaper changing occurs every day, sometimes, even within hours. And talking from my experiences, let me tell you -changing diapers can be stressful, even when your little one is the most cooperative baby on the planet. And when they’re squirming, arching their backs, screaming, and swinging their limbs, a diaper change may quickly turn into a disaster.


So, here are some diaper hygiene tips and tricks for you, if you are a new parent –


1. One of the first things you need to determine before your little one’s diaper changes is the location. It’s ideal if you can ensure changing diapers on a changing table. If you’re doing it on any other surface like the table or bed, make an effort to do it in the same spot every time. You might be spreading germs by putting down a diaper pad and changing diapers anywhere in the house. Set up a changing station in the bathroom if feasible, so you’re near the sink. 


2. Always be prepared, it’s important. Always begin a diaper change with everything necessary. You’re increasing the chances of transferring germs around the house if you have to get up in the middle of a diaper change to open a closet and fetch wipes or a Tube of Diaper Rash Cream. Make sure you have everything you need before pulling off the baby’s diaper.


3. Wiping properly is a crucial step in diaper changes. If your little one is a girl, always wipe from front to back to avoid infections. If it’s a boy, cover their genital area with a piece of cloth during diaper changes. 


4. After you have completed cleaning, make sure the folds are completely dry, and make sure to apply a safe diaper rash cream before a new diaper. Diaper rashes might occur if your child’s diaper area and folds are damp and without any prevention cream.


5. After taking off the diaper, don’t forget to roll it up carefully to avoid spreading germs. 


6. If your baby is being fussy while changing the diaper, things can get messy and you are more likely to be spreading germs. So, it can be a good idea to use distractions while doing it. Keep a couple small toys on the changing table to keep their focus diverted. After you’ve finished changing the diaper, be sure to wash or disinfect the toys.


7. Whether or not your kid touched anything dirty during the diaper change, it’s still a good idea to wash their hands afterward. Also, don’t forget to wash your own hands right away!


We all know diaper changes can be bothersome to some of us. But we learn from our experiences, and being a parent teaches us a great deal. So, try to follow these hygiene tips and do not rush or skip any step during diaper changes. 


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