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Family Bonding

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Nothing compares to the first time you and your partner see your baby in the delivery room. As you stare in awe at your little one you may think to yourself, “Is this my baby, the one who used to kick in my womb all day and night?”. You and your partner may have feelings of astonishment as your both lay eyes on the little bundle of miracle for the first time. For some bonding happens instantly almost like love at first sight.

Skin to Skin contact after birth
Talk to your delivery doctor to ensure skin-to-skin contact with your baby right after birth.

Skin-to-skin contact between parents and their baby is proven to have multiple benefits For example:

It boosts the mother’s milk supply by stimulating necessary hormones.
It can help a father feel connected to his baby and the baby in turn can feel safe and secure in the father’s warmth.
Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding
A mother can use these moments to make eye contact with her baby, tell stories or just smile. The father can also involve himself and help by bringing necessary things like water, snacks or extra pillows.

One of the up sides of bottle feeding is that both you and your partner can partake in this special moment.

Tummy Time and Play
After around two months your baby starts to interact with you through smiling and cooing. You and your partner can play, talk and have a great time with your baby. When giving your baby tummy, time hold toys in front of her and watch how she interacts with them and follows them with her eyes. Make funny faces and noises to interact with your baby. You will love it when she smiles at you and plays along!

Bath Time
Bath times become a great activity which both you and your baby look forward to by six months. Babies may also start participating in bath by splashing water and enjoys playing with bath toys, bubbles. This becomes a great way of bonding with your baby. Take turns or give your baby bath together sometimes if possible.

Family Meals
After six months your baby is ready for solid foods. You and your partner can include your baby during family times to help the baby learn good eating habits. You can place your baby on a high chair and feed the baby separate meals or share mashed versions of your food. Family meals can be a great bonding time for not only you and your baby but also you and your partner.

As a parent, your baby will thrive with your touch, care and love. Any moment with your baby can be a bonding opportunity that you and your partner can cherish in the long run. Remember forming a bond takes time and both your efforts can build a strong family.




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