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Routine for children to keep them busy during lock down

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As a working woman, one of the best parts of the lockdown is that I can enjoy quality time with my baby more than any time. Our daily hectic life does not always permit me to spend the whole day with my child. But as I am working from home in the present scenario, I can find some time beside my daily chores. Initially, for the first few days during a lockdown, I did not have to think much to keep my baby busy. But as the lockdown days keep prolonging, I have to keep finding new ways to keep my baby entertained.

One of the things that is hovering my mind is how these lockdown days will affect my baby psychologically? As all of us have to stay at home all day, we can’t take our baby to social programs or in the playground. But I have observed, he loves to meet new people. He is very inquisitive and often asks a lot of questions. So when he has a chance to meet someone, he observes very closely and takes a great interest in that person. But this is not possible at the moment, so I am taking a lot of video calls with my relatives and friends. This has become one of my major pastimes, and for my baby too.

But still, I have to find ways to keep my baby entertained. For my preschooler child, I have planned a routine. I have tweaked it slightly than the pre-lockdown days when I had to stay away from home for a long time. Now I have planned his meals and keep an eye so that he takes it on time. Sometimes I try to see if he tries to eat on his own. I think this an experiment mothers can afford in lockdown days. Also, I try to teach him how to bathe on his own. This is something he can not learn overnight, but playing with soap or shampoo (of course tear-free and reliable one) can make his bath more enjoyable. I consider it very important to raise my baby in such a manner he learns to do things without depending on me.

Another important thing I try to maintain the cleanliness of the baby. As he is growing up, he makes a mess out of almost nothing. Especially as he has started to play with the drawing crafts he often makes things very dirty and clumsy. I know painting is very crucial for his creative development and always encourages him to do so. But after he is done with his colors, I teach him how to tidy up and clean up after himself. This is something I think every mother is concerned about more or less. Most of the mothers love to keep their child tidy. So do I.

For entertainment there are a lot of ways which you can find handy. As I have already mentioned painting, there are a lot of ways to ignite your child’s creativity. Legos and blocks are something my kid loves to play with – make sure your baby is old enough for legos when buying though. Apart from the regular toys, me and my husband try to play some physical games with our child. Sometimes I try to make him watch my cooking and other household chores. I try to make him understand these tasks are also fun so that he can also make some sorts of participation. I think this is the time when we can indulge our kids less to smartphone games or youtube. For me, I let my child watch Tv or YouTube and play with smartphones, but I let it do at a particular time of the day.

There are a lot of ways to keep your child busy on lockdown days. But if you plan it meticulously and make a routine, this will be a great deal of help from your child’s development in my opinion.