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Taking Care of Skin after Childbirth

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A woman goes through a lot of emotional and physical changes in the process of giving birth to a new life. Your skin in particular, go through immense change during and after pregnancy. While for some women the skin changes are positive, for others it might be the opposite. But one should know that none of these changes are permanent. With little care they can look and feel like their pre-pregnancy self.

After childbirth self-care is the last concern for the new mothers as all their focus is on the newborn. However, taking just a few minutes off for oneself can help to gain back their glow and confidence.

The most common skin problem which occur during pregnancy is stretch marks, caused by the gain and subsequent loss in weight. These stretch marks will not go away completely, but they will become lighter with time. By using Bio-Oil twice everyday on the areas of stretchmark you can reduce the appearance of marks.

Sometimes, during pregnancy, dark patches develop on the face. This occurs due to the high level of pregnancy hormones in the body. When hormones gradually decrease after pregnancy, some patches may become less obvious. Anyone with this condition must avoid constant exposure to the sun.

Dark circles and puffy eyes are the result of hormonal changes as well as lack of sleep after childbirth. Your eyes show the tiredness that your body experiences. Constant waking up to feed the baby also leads to dark circles.

Acne breakouts during or post pregnancy are very common. High progesterone levels post pregnancy can cause pimples to break out. Many women experience sensitive skin after pregnancy.

It might become difficult to accept so many changes in the skin at once. But post-pregnancy brings in stress and hormonal imbalance that causes the skin texture to change. All this can be taken care of by following a healthy diet and simple skincare routine.

Here are a few simple post pregnancy skin care tips:

Staying away from the sun If you do need to step out in the sun, then use a good sunscreen lotion.
Drinking lots of water will keep the skin hydrated and will bring the glow back.
Getting 8 hours of proper sleep is important to cope with skin changes but it is tough for new mothers to get that at a stretch. Try to get two or three naps during the day-time while a family member looks after your baby.
Eating a healthy diet can help recovering skin problems.
Exfoliating the skin thrice a week can help to improve the skin texture and remove marks too.
To reduce stretch marks, apply oils rich in Vitamin E and cocoa butter. Please remember that stretch marks will not disappear completely but they will become lighter.
Taking multi-vitamin tablets on the doctor’s advice can make a lot of difference to the skin and body too.
Consult your doctor and include simple exercises in your daily routine.
These remedies will help you to overcome post-pregnancy skin ailments. But if they seem to be more concerning then you should consult your doctor and seek medical help. But remember to enjoy your new role as mother and love yourself.