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Taking Care of your mental health during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is like an emotional rollercoaster. It is a journey of joy, excitement, love, and simultaneously stress, and panic. One thing that is often overlooked during this period is the mental health of the expecting mother. Maintaining the mental wellbeing of an expecting mother during pregnancy is as important as maintaining their physical wellbeing. If you are an expecting mother, you have to just follow some simple things to stay mentally fit during this period.

1. Express yourself

During pregnancy, don’t hesitate to express yourself. Be open, talk to everyone and let everyone know how you are feeling. Despite prenatal depression being quite common during pregnancy, a lot of expecting mothers are hesitant when it comes to admitting that they suffer from it. Talk to your partner, pals, or peers. If you have to stay at home, there are a lot of online groups where you can share your feelings. Talk to people, share your journey with them. This will help you more than you can expect. Do the things you enjoy. Go to a movie with your friends or have a hangout at your place. Read something funny every day. Laugh a lot, it will help.

2. Have a proper sleep

Sleep deprivation is very common among expecting mothers. However, sleep is something that can help you to get rid of stress. This fact is also scientifically proven. ‘Sleeping allows your brain to restore neurotransmitters that can deplete during the time you stay awake,’ explains Keith Eddleman, MD, director of obstetrics at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Sleep dictates the shape and size in addition to the development of the fetus. So try to have a solid sleep of 6-8 hours. Make your bed comfortable for a sound sleep, don’t eat anything heavy two hours before bedtime. Large meals may lead to indigestion and heartburn. If you eat too close to bedtime, it can keep you up for hours.

3. Maintain a gratitude journal

Positivity is very important during pregnancy. You have to find joy in your surroundings. By keeping a gratitude diary or journal you can shift yourself to a more positive mindset. Before going to sleep, write one or two sentences about the good things you have done today or the good things people have done for you. Reflecting on one little incident may make the day for you.

4. Stay active

Do not sit idle at home during this time. Try to stay as active as possible. A walk in the park in the morning or a stroll in the evening can do wonders for your mood. Exercise helps you release endorphins that make you happy. Try to exercise daily. Pregnancy yoga may be a great choice, it may also bring in opportunities for socializing for you. Swimming is something you can consider for regular and safe exercise.

5. Eat properly

A balanced and healthy diet will help you keep yourself fit. Food is the fuel not only for you but also for your baby. Plan your diet according to your doctor’s advice and eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. You should also try out your favorite fish and meat items to ensure the necessary protein intake.


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