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What to pack in hospital bags for mothers

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After the birth of the newborn, a mother has to go through many sorts of turmoil. So if everything is prepared beforehand, that would be quite a relief for the mother. That is why a pregnant mother has to take more or less preparations before the birth of the child

As a pregnant mother, you have perhaps spent the whole period of your pregnancy time planning about your baby. Simultaneously you have to plan about yourself especially after the delivery too.

First of all, you have to prepare a list of what to do before, during, and after the delivery time. It is quite common in this period to leave something important at home and at the same time carry something unnecessary to the hospital. So you have to make a list very meticulously.

Generally labour pain may start any time after 35 weeks. Sometimes for the premature rupture of amniotic membrane babies may need C section delivery. Generally for normal delivery the mother has to stay one or two days in the hospital, but a mother undergoing C section delivery has to remain in the hospital for a longer period of time. So considering the time, you have to plan accordingly and have to take the things in your bag.


First of all you have to bring the prescription, complete food chart, ultrasonogram and other reports, necessary medications, and photocopy of your national ID card with you.

Household items

Toothbrush, toothpaste, small-sized mirror, rubber band are some things you will need every day. When you breastfeed the baby for the first time, your disheveled hair may fall on the baby. So, tie your hair up. You can keep small deodorants, moisturizers and lip balm in your bag as well.


As you have to breastfeed your baby you can use nursing brassieres instead of normal underwear. You can use light-colored loose fit clothes. Many mothers prefer to wear loose fit

maxis in the period. Also take some properly cleaned cotton clothes for your baby.


Take normal slippers for walking inside the hospital cabin. After the delivery, you may need to walk a bit to remain healthy and fit. You should use slippers at that time to keep yourself clean.

Bedsheets, pillows and towels

You should take clean bedsheets (preferably a blanket too to use at night as a bedcover) and pillows with you. Sometimes it is difficult to sleep without your own pillow. And after the delivery, the mother needs sound sleep very badly. For cleaning your mouth and hand you may keep towels with you.

Cell Phone and chargers

After delivery, you may need your cellphone to talk with your beloved one. Also, cell phones may be needed at any time for emergency purposes too. So after recovering a bit, the mother may use her phone. You can bring your cellphone to the hospital. Long cord chargers will be quite handy in the hospital to use.

Water bottles

A small bottle of water is something most people carry with them. During the pregnancy period you may feel the thirst frequently and my need to drink water often. So you can carry a water bottle with you.

Sanitary napkins

Sanitary napkin is one thing you must not forget to take with you to the hospital. You should carry your comfortable napkins with you. Cotton napkins may be comfortable for you. You can also use adult diapers.

Take necessary clothes, bed sheets, blankets for your baby too. Try to avoid taking unnecessary things but prioritize the necessary ones. If you are well prepared, you can be mentally quite relaxed. And finally, best of wishes to your upcoming baby.