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5 toys my baby likes to play with

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My daughter loves getting new toys for herself. Be it a stuffed animal or a doll, she has to get something for herself everytime we take her out .As much as I’d love to pamper her and get her possibly everything she wants, because she is a preschooler I have to keep a few things in mind while selecting toys. Safety is first, so I opt for the toys which are not harmful or potential hazards for my baby.. Nevertheless , here are the five toys I would like to use for my toddler.

1) Child-safe Household elements : I know a lot of mothers who will agree with this point: your baby always has her eyes on the household items we use. Whether it is a simple scissor, or screwdriver or remote control or pen stand or anything, my baby tries to grab anything she sees me use and tries to play with it. So miniatures of household elements can be great toys for babies. There are lots of baby safe stuff like scissors, knives, pans and jars which may attract my baby. I always make sure to buy the products which have safety tags. I try to buy the best quality toys which will ensure her safety. Specially I always ensure that my baby doesn’t face any kind of choking hazard.

2) Props for make-believe play: While my baby is growing up fast, I have a responsibility to familiarize her with the real world. I think every baby has tried to emulate what his/her parents do. Sometimes when I talk with my husband, my baby listens to us very carefully.. When I talk on my smartphone, she also tries to talk like me. So I have brought her props for make-believe play, such as toy telephone, a tea-party set, a toy kitchen, or a doll stroller. These things help her in the long run to understand the household chores.

3) Stuffed animals and dolls: Beside the real world, every baby has her own world where he/she may have imaginary friends. My baby is no exception either. As soon as she started walking, she started venturing into her imaginary world where she fell in love with Dino, her favorite stuffed Dinosaur. Your baby too can have friends like these in the form of stuffed animals or dolls.

4) Creative toys like musical plays: I have keenly observed that my child responds to music very well. As she is growing up fast, music has become an integral part of her. I can’t even feed her without playing some tunes on Youtube. If your baby likes music, this is a great opportunity for you to get her interest started from a very early age. There are lots of musical instruments available for the toddlers like toy keyboards, xylophones, etc. You can get one for your little one and see her starting her own imaginary band.

5) Legos and blocks: As my baby is growing up, she needs to learn how to organize her own things. This is a skill both me and my husband insist upon. LEGO creations become a form of storytelling and can be very crucial for my child’s intellectual development. . It’s so easy for LEGO buildings to turn to a time of imaginary bliss with adventures, heroes, villians, animals, and even family members. Using LEGO minifigs and bricks with other peers gives my baby the same skill as would learn in dramatic play or from using a dollhouse. Also I try to bring her blocks that snap together and try to see if she can identify or differentiate between different blocks according to shapes, colors , length or something else.


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