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How having a baby helped me discover my passion

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Once entrepreneurship was almost an alien word to women. But at the moment more and more women are engaging in startups. They are operating their own business, creating new boundaries, employing new people. The idea of women empowerment has evolved quite a lot now. But still, it is commonly believed that it is almost impossible to pursue her own business for a mother, especially for a mother of a newborn or toddler. But I can insist that motherhood rather has helped me to rediscover my passion, to help me get out of my comfort zone, and to make me realize what I truly want.

Before my pregnancy, I worked for a private company. It was a well-set job for me. My company was an esteemed one, had a reputation in the industry. I was also very well treated and welcomed from the beginning. I had some friendly colleagues and could spend some quality time together at the office. Life went on and I was quite settled on the job. Actually I did not think much about it at the time. I was happy, life was going well.

Almost 2 years after my marriage, I got pregnant with my first child. I worked almost until my due date. When my delivery was imminent, I took my pregnancy leave. Soon I was blessed with a healthy baby who, I won’t lie, suddenly became the most important part of my life.

After becoming a mother, I realized that nothing was more precious to me than my baby. As the end of my maternity leave was approaching, I kept feeling an odd sense of grief, I was not excited to get back to work. That’s when I realized that even though I wanted to get up and do something exciting, I did not have the same passion for my job as I did pre-motherhood. As I already mentioned, I did not have any big issues with my current job, but from my perspective, what was missing was a genuine purpose. That’s when I thought of starting something of my own. This was always something I had always planned to do. But for one reason or the other, I could never take that step. Becoming a mother, helped me gain enough confidence to take this decision. I thought, ‘I have come through one of the toughest journeys ever. I can do this! ’ My baby obviously could not speak but her smile always reminded me that the sky was the limit. Moreover, my partner’s support gave me the courage I needed to get started.

So I took the next step. After my maternity leave, I quit my job and took a couple of months off to plan my business. I had some ideas which I fleshed out. With my husband sparing some time to help out, I was able to put my plan to action. I knew managing time for my baby while managing my own business was an imminent challenge, but fortunately, I got the best possible support from my family members and partner. My pals and peers not only encouraged me but also helped me with my business: my other baby. With all the support, I was able to successfully start my own business of clothing that I sell through our page on Facebook. As I ran my business staying at home, I also could keep an eye on my baby while she was growing up. Every day with her seemed to be a new experience for me, and I missed out on absolutely nothing.

Being a “Momtrepreneur” as many may call it, I gained and am still gaining a lot of confidence. I am learning more every day. This journey of almost 3 years has been extremely fulfilling, and I have never had to look back.

My advice to any new mom is that – being a mom is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Don’t think too much about what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Listen to your heart and allow yourself to choose the path you want to follow.


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