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How I keep my baby’s skin healthy in summer

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My baby is my world and I will do everything in my power to keep him safe and healthy. That is why, as a concerned mother, I stay worried about my son’s health almost all the time. Especially in summer, when the heat and rashes are knocking at the door. Summer is especially tough on my little one as along with the rashes, he is also prone to cold and flu due to the season change.That is why, I try everything in my power to prevent these issues. Moreover, I take special care of my baby’s skin during this time. I am no expert, but here are some things I religiously follow to keep my baby’s skin healthy.

1) Keeping my baby hydrated: During summer, my son sweats a lot and that is why when he doesn’t get enough fluids, his skin becomes dull. He may also suffer from vomiting , even diarrhoea. That is why I keep giving him fluids regularly in the form of water, milk or juices. I also keep extra clothes handy and give him a frequent change of clothes if he sweats too much.

2) Using soft and cotton clothes: I love dressing my kid up in fancy colourful clothes. Taking selfies is a ritual we both enjoy a lot as well. However, during summer I always use cotton or natural fabric clothes.During family outings in summer, I always prepare extra sets of clothes. I also try avoiding items like socks in summer because my baby likes feeling breezy during summer and socks make him feel hotter than usual.

3) Not taking my baby in the sun: In spring, I used to take my baby out after his mid day nap. He loves his visit to the park a lot. However, on a hot summer day, I prefer to keep my baby indoors. Because my baby doesn’t feel too comfortable in the intense sunlight, we usually hang out at home during summer especially in the afternoon. I sometimes open the windows and let some sunlight pass through the curtains to let the air and light pass. If we however do go out, we do so very early in the morning when the sun is mild.

4) Careful from diaper and heat rash: In summer diaper rash is very common for my baby. I try to use diapers as little as possible during summer days. Sometimes I wash off the bottom with lukewarm water frequently and apply diaper rash cream or petroleum jelly to prevent diaper rash. Heat rashes are also common during summer. These tiny red bumps show up on his face, neck, arms, etc. They are uncomfortable and tend to be itchy. That is why, I use a mild baby powder to keep him dry and I try to make sure he gets takes a shower regularly in lukewarm water with a mild wash or soap that keeps him fresh and clean.

5) Use natural ingredients for skin care: My baby’s safety is my prime concern. For baby’s skin care, I always try to use natural ingredients that are safe and sound. There are a lot of baby lotions, baby oil and baby powder available in the market. I usually check the back of pack to see if the ingredients are safe or not, and I prefer using products that have the benefits of natural elements such as almond milk, or olive oil.


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