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A Mother’s Recommendation: Working while pregnant

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The moment I heard I was going to be a mother for the first time, I can’t properly explain how overjoyed I was. But at the same time, I was concerned: ‘With the additional responsibility, how am I going to manage everything?’ Fortunately, things turned out just fine. Here’s how I managed working while pregnant, and hopefully my journey will help some of you expecting mothers to plan out how to have a safe and healthy pregnancy while working.

During my pregnancy, I was gaining weight quickly and it was difficult for me to go through the physical changes that a pregnancy brings about. So I had to be extra cautious while doing any type of work be it inside or outside home. I followed some rules which were very helpful for me.

The first thing I did was that I did most of the domestic work while sitting. Cutting vegetables, doing dishes, are all things that can be done while sitting. Hence I did exactly that instead of moving around too much. I’d advise any expecting mom to not take any extra load on her body. If she has to cook, she should try to take some rest every 20 minutes. The same rule is applicable while doing chores like cleaning or washing dishes.

As someone who was expecting, I avoided carrying heavy objects, because it would’ve put unnecessary pressure on me. Especially during early pregnancy I’d recommend expecting moums to avoid carrying heavy things since that time is very crucial. Moving furniture, washing clothes are something they should completely avoid. Another thing I completely stopped doing was cleaning my pet’s litter because my doctor had advised me to stay away from it. Pets’, especially cat’s litter apparently contains a parasite that may be harmful for expecting moms and babies. So, I’d recommend any expecting mother to do the same as I. I would also advise them to stop using mosquito aerosols to avoid any chemical contact.

While pregnant, I made various changes in my lifestyle. I was used to traveling in public transports for my office, but when I was pregnant I looked into alternative travel options to ensure my baby’s safety. I stopped riding on a rickshaw, especially in the bumpy roads near my house. Moreover, I was extra careful when taking stairways. I used the elevator whenever possible. In the later stages, I went on maternity leave. But before that, I ensured that I took extra precautions to have a healthy pregnancy.

As someone who has been through it, I know that when expecting, a woman needs extra calories daily. Alongside that, she needs an adequate amount of rest. These are things that were ensured when I was pregnant, and they really helped me have a healthy baby. So I would recommend all expecting mothers to keep these things in mind and to really take extra care of themselves. You can do a few activities here and there to remain fit but at the same time you should be extra careful for your baby’s safety.


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