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A Mother’s Recommendation: General concerns for your baby and what to do about them

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As babies can’t express problems on their own, parents have to remain alert and keep a closer eye on their babies. Babies generally express their discomfort by crying, so parents need to decipher a lot of things from their actions. There are some general concerns that need to be addressed by parents. Here are some of the concerns I had to address. Hopefully from this, you all will be able to learn a little about how you can manage these issues if they arise.

From newborn to toddler, most children suffer from this disease. When my baby first got it, I was very concerned, but it’s a common disease that can be fixed with proper care. So, if your baby suffers from this, make sure he/she takes sufficient fluids regularly. Don’t stop breastfeeding and provide saline. consult your doctor and do accordingly. But first try to ensure that your baby remains clean and eats healthy food all time.

Cold flu
Cold and seasonal flu can always have an adverse effect on babies. Most of the children suffer from cold fever at some point, my baby was also no exception. If proper care is not taken, sometimes the flu even may even turn into pneumonia. So be careful if your baby sweats a lot especially in warmer and humid days. On top of that, your baby may catch a cold if he/she does not take enough protection in colder days. So ensure that the baby is appropriately dressed for the season. If he/she catches a flu, give him/her fluids and consult a doctor to take necessary actions.

Ear Infection
Ear infection is another common problem for babies that can happen. My baby also suffered from this problem in her early stages. From birth, babies’ ears should be cleaned regularly. If you suspect any kind of infection, consult your doctor immediately.

Skin problem
Your baby may be susceptible to fungus problems if his/her skin is not taken care of properly after birth. Diaper rash and cradle cap are common among babies. So you have to be extra cautious about your baby’s skincare. Use products that are made of safe ingredients with the goodness of natural moisturizers that will keep your baby’s skin soft, smooth, and secured. Don’t use any products that are not tested or don’t have any safety certifications. Not using safe products can be harmful for the baby’s skin. I can recommend Parachute Just for Baby Wash, baby powder and baby lotion. I had used them on my baby and they suited my baby well. Moreover, the smell of the products was very good. One of my favorite smells ever!

Another common problem for the baby is vomiting. Babies may vomit if they move a bit after taking a meal or drinking too much water. To avoid this, make sure the baby burps after meals. Sometimes vomiting can be a symptom of diarrhea, food poisoning. So I suggest that parents should remain extra careful about baby’s food and consult a doctor if you suspect food poisoning.


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