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A Mother’s Recommendation: Baby’s must haves and how to use them

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Babies need safe care. Hence they need their own personal care regime just like us adults. In fact, they need more care at times because they are so delicate. When caring for a baby, some products are a must while some are ‘nice to have’. As a mother, I made a checklist to ensure I would not miss any essential things for my newborn baby. Here’s my experience. Hopefully this will help young mothers with their babies’ care.

The first thing your baby needs the most is soft cotton clothes in their appropriate size. Babies need a change of clothes often and because they grow up so fast, they grow out of their existing clothes a lot faster than we adults. So you have to keep these things in mind when planning and buying for them. I suggest having a couple of outfits for the next size ready when buying so that you’re always ready. I always use soft and cotton clothes for my baby. Her skin is so delicate that I only use the gentlest of fabrics for her.

The second must-have product for babies is diapers. I know, not all babies are comfortable in wearing diapers, and at times excessive use of diapers may cause rashes.

However, if your baby is okay with wearing diapers, they are convenient and when used correctly, and can make life a lot easier for parents. You can use diapers with a safe and dermatologically tested Rash cream to avoid the risk of diaper rashes. Using a safe Rash cream during every diaper change can help prevent diaper rashes.

A very essential baby gear is a carrier or stroller for your baby. This will help you move your baby around efficiently. So choose a stroller or carrier carefully. If you have a car, have a safe car seat for your baby. Alongside that, keep a car seat bed cover and sunshades for car windows if you travel with your baby in the car.

Now I’ll talk about something very essential – baby’s sleeping place! Many parents may arrange for the baby to sleep with them in their bed. However, it’s always safe to invest in a strong crib. You can cover the crib with comfortable blankets so that the baby can stay there comfortably. If possible, you should keep a baby monitor near the crib to keep track of your baby when you are busy in other rooms.

When feeding, you will need some essentials depending on your method of feeding. If you breastfeed, a Nursing and feeding pillow is essential to support you and your baby. Post feeding, you will need burp cloths or bibs as well.If your baby consumes formula milk you should keep sterilized bottles around and have an assortment of infant formula milks to choose from so you don’t run out of them.

When the baby starts to eat solids, you can invest in a freestanding highchair since they provide safe support for the baby during meals. For bath-time, you should have a small baby bathtub which is just the right size for your baby. Another important thing is baby products- especially baby body wash and shampoo. Always try to use quality products made of safe ingredients and check if they are allergy tested. I used Parachute Just for Baby body and hair wash for my baby, it’s made of 100% safe ingredients and has been good for my baby. You may try it for your baby as well.

Another two important things you must have are baby soothers and toys. Pacifiers are not a must for all babies, but sometimes, it’s okay to have one for your baby. For infants, you don’t need a lot of playthings, but some musical or soft toys can be nice additions. Just make sure they are soft and harmless.

And last and most important thing you need to ensure for your baby’s safety. As your baby grows, you need to childproof your room. Invest in a good safety gate and ensure that no item that can hurt the baby is near the baby.


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