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Apps that helped me during my pregnancy

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In this age of the smartphone, apps have been a blessing for us. Most of us have some apps installed on our phones. When I knew that I was going to be a mother for the first time, I started to use some apps. During the pregnancy time, I could have a look at my baby and me using the apps. Some apps give regular tips about how to be well in pregnancy time. During my pregnancy time, I came to know about these apps from Just For Baby blog and forum which was indeed really helpful for me. So here are some apps which upcoming mothers may find helpful.

1. My pregnancy today
This app is very helpful for answering all the questions during pregnancy time. You can connect with a birth club via this app where expecting mothers share all of their experiences. You can use the calendar function by this app to monitor your baby’s movement during the pregnancy time.

2. Pregnancy sprout
This is another app which was very handy for me. I got some important newborn suggestions, checklists, and journaling options by this app. Also, this app helped me to get connected with close friends and families during pregnancy time and share my experience with them.

3. BabyBump
pregnancy pro This app helped me to count the kicks of my baby, and track my weight and contraction. There is a forum in this app that you may find helpful too. This app helped me not only to monitor my pregnancy journey, but also to get connected with other expecting parents.

4. Happy pregnancy
ticker This app also helped me to track my weight gain and catalog my contractions. Like other apps, there is a discussion forum too in this app where I exchanged my experiences with the other pregnant mothers. This app is also helpful to plan the ovulation period for the woman she is trying to conceive.

5. M pregnancy
This is a different type of app which was a great deal for help for my partner. There are a lot of apps for mothers but a few for the upcoming father. This helps the men to understand the development of the baby and as well as the well beingness of the mother.


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