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Baby teeth growth milestones

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For every parent, any visible change for the child is like an achievement. Growing teeth is definitely one of those many notable accomplishments. I can remember, when my baby was showing the signs for her first teeth, we were so overjoyed.

When my baby was growing up a little, she started to show symptoms of teething. She used to put everything in her mouth that she could get. But I can remember, she had no signs of showing teeth. I found in some articles that babies tend to grow teeth from about 6 to 12 months. As my baby was a bit premature, naturally her physical developments were a bit slower compared to other children.

My pediatrician assured me that although babies start to grow teeth from about 6 months, it is normal for some babies to take even 12 months or even more. Also, baby’s teeth growth can have a relation with genetics, so I was advised not to worry a lot for my children.

So, unlike other babies, my baby had no signs of teeth after 10 months. In the meantime, she started to grab everything and put it in her mouth. So we brought some teethers for her. She used to chew those all the time. But there were also some sorts of problems at that time as she was having some digestion issues.

Then before her first birthday, there came the moment. One day I observed a couple of tiny little teeth in her front lower portion. Then the process was quite smooth. Within three months, she started to show her second pair of teeth, this time at the top front. These teeth are also called central incisors, and this time, they’ll sprout from the top of the mouth. Then within four months, she got more than two sets of teeth.

But we were waiting early for the first molar pair of teeth. We knew this was a huge step for my baby’s development. As she would soon start to eat like adults. Obviously, I can remember the date pretty vividly, she was 22 months when she had her first premolar teeth.

So this was more or less the teeth timeline journey of my baby. As a mother, I would remind you that growing teeth is not a competitive sport, and your baby’s teeth will arrive when they are ready. So, don’t be concerned if your friends’ children get teeth before your baby does.