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How is baby’s face different and how to take care of it

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For every parent, taking care of the baby is the utmost concern. As a mother, I also feel the urge to protect my baby from everything. I think most of the mothers are super sensitive about their babies, I am no exception. That’s why I feel I should take special care of my baby’s face, which is perhaps the most exposed part of the baby.

First, you have to understand the difference between an adult and a baby’s face. I am not a doctor, so I am not explaining in scientific terms. The thing is, baby-skin is much thinner than an adult’s skin and the face is no exception. It is more susceptible to natural changes like humidity or heat. So baby’s skin can be more prone to dryness and since the face is the most exposed, I think it’s best that we take special care of it. Hence, I use a cream that’s specially made for baby’s face care and would recommend others to do that as well.

As I have told, the baby’s face needs special care for its extra delicate nature. After birth, the baby’s face needs some extra time to get accustomed to the harsh environment outside. So it needs certain types of products which contain natural elements. Organic skin care products that are devoid of any chemicals should be the safe option. As my baby was a few months old, I also looked for some safe products. Then I decided to use this lotion for my baby, but I always felt like her face needed extra moisturization. That’s why I started using Parachute Just for Baby Face Cream. I would suggest you not to use any new products that don’t have a strong brand identity.

But to take care of your baby’s face, you have to know the problems that your baby may suffer from. First of all, remember that a baby’s face is the first line of defense against the external world. So you have to do everything to keep this line intact. Nevertheless, the baby’s face is so tender that it can be susceptible to infections and irritations easily. From my experience, I can tell that Eczema is a common problem for the baby’s skin and it can start from the face. When my baby had eczema, she had trouble keeping moisture locked in, so the skin became dry, itchy, and cracked. My baby also suffered from Irritant Contact Dermatitis. Red patches and pink bumps are the signs of it. The difference between eczema and ICD is that the latter don’t itch. You should consult your doctor if your baby shows these types of irritations. Milia is also a common babyface problem and mostly evident in newborns. My baby did not face it but my nephew suffered from this. Fortunately, it won’t need any medication and is supposed to vanish in a couple of weeks. Baby acne can also be different from adults and should be treated properly.

Every mother wants her baby to look fresh and beautiful. The Baby’s face is very important in this aspect. To know everything about it and be prepared.


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