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How do I keep my baby cool in hot weather at night

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Summer time is the toughest time as a mother for me. I usually prefer not to take my baby outside for a walk on a summer day. At night it’s a relief that the temperature is still tolerable. Even then, I have to keep an eye on my baby to make sure he doesn’t feel any sort of discomfort during summer nights. My son Ayan has a rash problem in his skin. So i always need to be very cautious about his skin care. Sometimes he feels very irritated, especially while sleeping. So I try to take some necessary steps to make sure he is calm during the night and has a good night’s sleep. A good sleep is very important for babies. If sleep is interrupted, the baby’s health will be affected. Maybe my baby is eating alright, but if he does not sleep well, his growth will be stopped. It’s very hard for them to cope with hot weather unlike adults. The tips I follow to make my baby cool at night are as follows:

1. Monitor room temperature: The first thing I do at night is to check my baby’s hands or feet to gauge temperature. When he was an infant , I placed my hands on his head or stomach to see if he felt warm. In his first few months after his birth I, kept him in an air conditioned room, where I could easily regulate the temperature.I keep the windows open before bed time for some hours so the room can have fresh air. During daytime, I keep the windows to avoid sunlight.

2. Dressing my baby at bedtime: It’s very important for a baby to be dressed comfortably especially at sleeping time. During a hot summer day, I dress my baby with only a nappy. But on a rainy night when it is cool outside, then I dress him with short sleeve shirts and short pants. I always use a soft cotton dress for my baby.

3. Make my baby drink more fluids : In summer, babies can have dehydration problems. Making him drink more fluid like fruit juice, water will keep his body cool in hot weather.

4. Checking baby body several times: During sleeping time I check my baby’s body especially from the back of their neck. If he is feeling hot, he will sweat a lot. So I check and swipe him if he is sweating. I do it several times in the daytime also.

5. Using baby powder before bedtime: This is the regular skin care routine for my baby I follow. Before going to bed and making him sleep, I change the clothes he is wearing and use baby powder on his body especially in the armpit, neck, back, nappy area and chin. My baby’s smile tells me he enjoys it a lot. I always try to use baby powders from renowned companies. I try to make sure I am using the safest product for my baby When the weather is really hot, and we don’t know when it will become normal, it is better to take special care of your newborn. Follow a good skin care routine and also maintain a sleep routine regularly. So the baby will not get sick. Afterall, we all want our baby to be healthy.