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Milestones of your baby’s walking steps

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When your baby starts crawling as a parent you probably start to count the days, trying to figure out when he/she will start walking around the house. Walking is one of the most notable milestones in your baby’s life. As the baby learns to walk, a whole new world opens before him/her.

Walking age for baby

Most children start their first walking steps between 9 to 12 months and start walking properly in between 14-15 months. But if your child doesn’t start walking between this age then don’t worry too much. Sometimes even a normal and healthy baby may start walking a bit late.

Babies learn a lot of activities in the first year. After birth, they start with throwing the legs and hands. Then they eventually learn to roll over, try to sit on their own, and start to crawl. Around 9-10 months they can stand without any external support. Then babies learn to find the correct balance and start walking.

How the baby learns to walk

When babies start to grab something and get up it can be assumed that they are ready for walking. Usually, babies try to hold the chair, sofa, table, or furniture in the house and start to stand first. As they try to find the correct balance of head, hands and legs, they tend to take some steps and walk from one place to another.

At the same time, the baby starts some activities such as staring at something while walking, grabbing something then standing back up. At first, the baby tries to walk on the toes. As he/she overcomes the fears of falling, then he/she learns walking fast.

How to help your baby to walk

When the baby starts to stand on his/her own, sometimes he/she does not understand how to sit. As a result, the baby gets hurt after falling down. So when the baby learns to stand, teach him/her how to sit properly from there. Make your baby learn to bend the knees a few times so that he/she would imitate it. When the baby tries to walk, call him/her to come to you. Sometimes you can show your baby’s favorite toy, he/she will try to walk out of excitement. Make sure that his/her walking place is safe and there are no obstacles that may result in falling down and getting hurt.

When to put on shoes on baby

Let your child walk on the smooth floor of the house on bare feet. This will help him/her find the balance better. Also, babies walk more comfortably in bare feet. If he/she is in any cold or outdoor places, then you can put some shoes on your baby.

Not all babies start walking or talking at the same time. If your baby does not stand within 12 months or does not walk within 18 months, then you may consult your doctor. Sometimes babies may find it hard to walk and balance for being overweight. Again, if there is an older sibling at the house, then babies try to imitate them and may start walking early. This actually depends on the psychological and physical abilities of the babies. With proper guidance and support, babies can achieve this milestone easily.






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