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Mother’s Sleep Deprivation

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For many mothers sleep deprivation is a constant feature of motherhood. Some mothers disregard the importance of proper sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause many serious consequences for the mother’s physical and mental health. Given you need to wake up like 5 times a night to change your baby’s diaper or to comfort them back to sleep, it is definitely not easy to get a full night’s sleep. But there are definitely things you can do to cope with your sleep deprivation and maintain better health.

During the early years of parenthood, both parents face problems with sleep, mothers a little more. In fact, the problem begins even before your little one is born. The problem does not merely lie in the matter of your child waking up in the middle of the night; It also has to do with the habit of staying up till late even after they’re asleep. In most cases this is the only quiet time they get to relax or get some work done. But they should consider getting every bit of sleep they can have.

Many sleep-deprived mothers don’t consider taking more time out to rest. They may even consider it unrealistic! It is not a good practice to undermine the importance of sleep. However, it is as important as diet and exercise. Moreover, you staying tired isn’t healthy for your child either. If you get enough sleep, you will be more involved with your baby. It’s more fun and easy to play with your 1-year-old when you’re not exhausted. There are many severe risks to chronic exhaustion as well. When deprived of sleep, you don’t function very well. Also, you are prone to more mistakes!

Think about the consequences sleep loss is causing you and start taking sleep seriously. If you want to be productive over a long period, make sure you get at least 8 hours, even if it is in segments.