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These might be the skin problems your baby is facing right now

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“Soft like a baby’s skin” – we all have heard that saying. While the saying is true in every way, baby’s skin does require special care and attention unlike adult skin. Your 7 to 12 month old baby may have a host of skin problems that can alarm you and put you off guard. Seeking doctor’s help and following some regular skin care routine can ensure your baby’s skin returns to its former baby soft condition.

Baby Acne
Whiteheads and sometimes small red blisters that look like acne are also very common in babies. Your baby’s eyes often store pus and infect the surrounding skin, but the rash gets better with massage and naturally tend to subside. Rest assured that the baby acne is usually not a cause for concern if the baby’s skin is kept clean and free from any harsh touches.

Baby eczema is another common skin problem which may require medical attention. Eczema start off as dry, hard, red patches on the skin and may appear anywhere on the body including the face. Eczema requires careful attention from caregivers and should subside within a few weeks. Treating severe eczema requires medical ointment and should be prescribed by a skin specialist or pediatrician.

Cradle Cap
Cradle cap occurs on the baby’s scalp which becomes dry and flaky. This is common for babies and can be treated by home remedies like oil massages and gentle rubbing of the scalp. Shampooing too much can dry out the baby’s scalp and gap must be introduced between every wash.

Heat Rash
In tropical places that are hot and humid, heat rash in the back and shoulders is a common skin problem in babies. Heat rash appears as very small red bumps, especially on the back and shoulders but may spread all over the body. It is caused by the sweat that builds up on your baby’s skin from the heat and the moist environment it causes. Wash your baby often with a clean cloth and only put on clean, breathable cotton clothes.


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