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Useful tips About BABY SKIN CARE You Wish You Knew Before

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The first time you held that tiny hand, you must have realized how delicate your baby’s skin is. As the months pass after birth, your baby’s skin needs a change in the skin care routine. Dryness, redness and appearance of rashes are common skin problems in the baby. Here are some expert guideline to help you develop a proper skincare routine for your 7 to 12 month old.

Go Natural
Use all-natural products on the baby. Whether it is the moisturizer, baby wash, shampoo, blankets or clothes – try to go for the most natural option. For lotion use products containing natural moisturizers, use natural baby wash and shampoo and select cotton clothes. Keep baby’s room well ventilated and let daylight in during the daytime.

Give massages to the baby at least once every day. Choose a product with natural oils like olive oil or almond oil. Massaging can precede bath time. Oil helps to cleanse the baby’s skin and also helps the body to relax. Massages are also good for bone health and improve blood circulation.

Occasionally also massage the baby’s scalp as this can prevent cradle cap from dryness. Massaging with a natural moisturizing oil to prevent any fungal infection.

Bathing your baby every other day, especially in hot humid climates, is key to healthy skin. Cleaning the baby’s skin is an important step to keeping the skin healthy. Submerge the baby into a tub of warm water, but keep the face lifted away from the water. Support the back and neck firmly. Take a soft cotton washcloth to carefully wash your baby’s body parts – one at a time.

Nourish your baby’s skin after a bath by slathering him in a natural moisturizer. Lotions containing olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil are great moisturizers that helps to lock moisture in the baby’s skin. Take a good amount of natural lotion and slather it onto the baby’s whole body, especially the areas that can get rashes from dryness like the diaper area.

Diaper Cream
If your baby wears diapers regularly keep a diaper cream handy. The baby’s skin is prone to diaper rashes in the diaper area due to the warm, moist environment. Change the baby’s diaper frequently, preferably before or after every feed. Use an over-the-counter diaper care cream containing zinc oxide as it helps prevent and cure diaper rashes.




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