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Tips for your infant for safety in this summer sun

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Whether it’s summer or winter, your infant will get irritated if he/she is made to stay at home all day. Sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D and is important for your toddlers’ growth. That is why the baby should be exposed to the sun occasionally, to avoid vitamin D deficiency in his body. However excess exposure to the sun may cause problems like rash, sweat, red spots. Here are some tips for your infant to be safe in this summer sun.

Avoid going out when it’s too hot outside:
Normally, the temperature is higher from 10.00 am in the morning to 4.00 pm in the evening. So take your infant outside before 10.00 am in the morning or after 4.00 pm in the evening. This will reduce the chances of your baby sweating, moreover it will help keep their body temperature normal. Thus, there will also be less chance of rashes in the body.

Choose sun protective clothes:
Choose clothes for your infant which are sun protective. Lightweight cotton dresses are very appropriate at this time. The dress should be loose for sufficient air circulation. You can dress your baby with a full sleeve shirt and loose pants. Besides, wearing wide brimmed hats can easily protect your baby’s eyes and head.

Use baby powder:
Always use baby powder at home or outside in the heat. Apply baby powder occasionally to places where the baby is sweating, such as neck, armpit, thighs,waist. Groin and under the knees. It will reduce rash on the baby’s soft skin. The softness of the skin will also be maintained. Always carry baby powder in your hand bag.

Stay in the shade:
Try to stay in the shade always. To avoid direct sunlight, keep an umbrella in your bag. Avoid things like glass, sand, water that reflect the sun.

Bathe your infant:
Your infant dont have that much dirt on his body as we dont take babies outside too often. Bathe your baby twice a week with baby soap and baby shampoo. Apply baby lotion and powder after bathing. This will reduce the amount of rash in the baby’s body. The skin of the baby will retain moisture. The skin will become soft, supple and smooth.

Make your baby drink fluids:
If your baby is more than 6 months old, let him drink more fruit juices alongside water. Orange juice adds vitamin C to the baby’s body. Pomegranate juice helps to keep the balance of hemoglobin right in the baby. In order to avoid constipation, you should make your baby drink fluids such as juice, water, milk frequently. Also feed your baby soft pish pash and baby chicken broth.

The ultraviolet rays of the sun are harmful to the baby’s soft skin. In fact, exposure to direct sunlight increases the probability of rash on a baby’s skin.
On the other hand, sunlight is essential to compensate for vitamin D deficiency in the baby’s body. Therefore you should try to expose the baby in the first light of sun in the morning and protect the baby from UV rays of sun.


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