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Baby Skincare products you really need

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Baby’s skin is naturally sensitive and delicate. Change in temperature and environment may make baby’s skin more susceptible to bacterial infection, rash, allergy reactions etc. Thus you should have a special skincare routine to keep your baby’s skin safe and protected from all harm.

To protect your baby’s skin, you should use products with the goodness of natural ingredients. It is advised not to use products made of harmful chemical elements on your baby.

The baby’s skin may lose the natural softness if not taken care of properly. So parents have to find the balance by only using products that are safe for the baby and don’t harm them in any way. On top of that, they have to maintain certain things in this regard such as bathing the child regularly, keeping the baby neat and clean all time, making the baby wear cotton clothes and keeping skin hydrated.

To safely care for a baby’s skin, some products should be used. Here are our picks.

Baby Lotion

Moisturization is necessary to lock baby’s natural moisture. Harmful Chemical induced products may cause problems such as rashes. That is why a safe lotion is necessary. Apart from these, the baby’s skin tends to dry up and crack more. So after bathing and before sleeping at night, lotion should be applied to the baby’s skin to keep the moisture level intact.

In this regard, Parachute Just for Baby lotion may be a good option. It is made with the goodness of natural ingredients like Almond and Olive that keeps the baby’s skin’s moisture level intact and makes the skin smooth. It has Vitamin E which is good for skin and prevents it from drying up. So when opting for a lotion, you should choose a product that contains vitamin E.

Baby Powder

Another important part for your baby’s skincare regime is baby powder. Especially in summer when the baby sweats a lot, baby powder can be very effective to get rid of the excess dampness. Powder can be applied on the baby’s back, chest and neck after bathing and before the baby goes to sleep at night. But before buying any baby powder it should be ensured the baby powder is made of safe ingredients.

Parachute Just for Baby powder can be a safe choice for your baby. Like all the rest of the Parachute Just for Baby products, Parachute Just for Baby powder is made with 100% safe ingredients. It has the goodness of almond and neem that help the baby to stay fresh and active in summer.

Baby Soap

Baby’s skin may be susceptible to infection if it gathers dust and dirt from outside. So soaps should be used to wash the skin regularly. Adult soaps may be harsh on a baby’s delicate skin. That is why you should opt for a specially made baby soap that cleans the baby gently.

Parachute Just For Baby soap can fulfill this purpose. This soap has the goodness of natural ingredients and is made with 100% safe ingredients, that is why it is appropriate for the baby’s delicate skin.

Baby Wash

Apart from baby soap liquid baby wash can be used easily for the baby. Baby wash is a top to toe solution hence can be used to clean the baby’s body and hair.

Parachute Just for Baby wash is made of baby safe ingredients and has the made safe certification from Safe Cosmetics Australia. It has no tears formula that lets the baby enjoy the bath without irritation.

Baby Oil

Regular massage aids in proper blood circulation and development of bones of your baby. Especially babies need to be massaged before bathing, to maintain the blood circulation and moisture.

Parachute Just for Baby-Baby Oil is a light oil that blends easily with the baby’s skin and provides nutrition. It is enriched in Vitamin E, which is great for everyday massage of your baby.

Rash Cream

Diaper rash is quite common among babies. It can happen if diapers get wet or in case of bacterial or fungal attack. To prevent this, you need to keep the diaper area clean. You should also use a Diaper rash cream during every diaper change.

Parachute Just for Baby Rash Cream is a safe cream formulated with 100% safe ingredients. It contains different ingredients which heals by creating a water repellant shield between the skin and diaper, helps to soothe baby’s skin from itching, inflammation and dryness in the diaper area and also moisturizes the skin and helps protect it from rashes.

Face Cream

To maintain the softness of a baby’s skin, baby face cream is another important product for you. Baby’s face is particularly sensitive, so you need to take special care of it .

Parachute Just for Baby Face Cream is enriched with the goodness of natural elements like olive and almond milk, which helps for the better care of your baby.

There are many products available for babies in the market. But again, products should be chosen carefully. In any event, you should consult a doctor immediately if your baby faces any skin related problems.