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Safeguarding baby’s skin this winter

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Generally the baby’s skin is much more sensitive than the adults. So your baby’s skin needs extra care in winter. Generally in winter skin tends to dry up more. So to keep the softness of your baby’s skin intact, you may follow some tips.

Baby’s skin may get dry for different reasons. Bathing for a long time, wandering outside, excessive heat of a room heater, etc. can hamper the softness of the baby’s skin. Sometimes change in food routine can also have a negative impact on the baby. So you can follow a few of our recommendations to ensure Safe care of your baby’s skin this winter.

Reduce the duration and frequency of Baths

Baby’s skin may get dry if the baby is kept in water for a long time. Specially newborns should not be bathed daily, rather bathing them two or three days a week should be enough. Just clean the baby’s skin gently on the other days with a wet cloth. This will ensure that your baby’s skin is clean. Be sure to use lukewarm water and avoid hot water while bathing your baby.

Use products made of safe ingredients

Try to use products made of safe ingredients. Make sure that the baby wash and baby shampoo you are using are made of safe ingredients. In this regard, Parachute Just for Baby Wash may be your choice. It has a no tears formula so you can use it from top to toe.
Gently pat dry your baby after bath with a soft towel, don’t rub forcefully.

Keep their water level intact

Till four to six months babes don’t need water intake on top of the breast milk consumed. Breast milk has all the necessary nutrients for the baby which keeps the water level intact. But after six months babies need water as they start having solids. Babies don’t generally feel thirsty in winter so the skin may dry up a bit. So ensure that they take sufficient water during this time.

Use a safe moisturizer

Moisturizer has no alternative when it comes to getting rid of dryness. To keep the moisture in the baby’s skin intact, a safe and odorless moisturizer should be used. Specially using moisturizer right after bath ensures that moisture is locked in the baby’s skin.

Parachute Just for Baby Lotion and Parachute Just for Baby Face Cream can be effective in this regard. Both have the goodness of natural ingredients and are made specially for baby’s skin.

Provide Oil-massaging

Babies enjoy oil massaging a lot in winter. Specially massaging the baby before and after bathing is not only good for the baby’s skin, but also effective in aiding blood circulation. Regular massaging also ensures moisture lock of skin so your baby’s skin is free from the dryness and harshness of winter.

Parachute Just for Baby Oil can be a great product for your baby’s skin. It is allergy tested, has the goodness of natural elements which helps to maintain the softness of skin.

Avoid heavy clothing during winter

Instead of trying to keep your baby warm with heavy winter clothes, try regulating the temperature of your house with a heater or humidifier. Blankets or heavy clothes may contain a lot of dirt, which may be the cause for allergy. Sometimes your baby may also feel suffocated from wearing heavy clothes all time. So even when going outside, try to make them wear dresses that will keep them comfortable.

Winter demands extra care for your baby’s skin. By following proper health guidelines you can ensure the wellness for your baby. But if you feel your baby is not feeling well, don’t forget to consult your pediatrician.


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