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Baby Proofing Your House for The Toddler

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As your baby grows into a little crawler, your house needs to be baby proofed. Crawling babies can get into harm’s way by swallowing small objects, pulling on hanging wires, putting fingers inside socket, etc. Once the baby learns to stand up with support, baby proofing becomes even more important as then the baby is able to pull on drawers, turn on stove knobs, or pull tablecloth. There are a host of ways accidents can happen when a baby is at home.

Wires and Sockets
Keep all sockets closed with duct tape. If there are low lying plugs in the reach of the baby, the baby may pull them out once you are done. Do not leave any hanging wires as the baby can pull down the appliance like a hot iron.

Secure all stairs with a baby safety gate. Make sure they are locked at all times. Whenever an adult needs to use the stairs make sure to lock it behind. Stairs can especially attract babies who can crawl as they will have an urge to climb up and down. But climbing upstairs or downstairs can be a very risky activity for the baby.

Choking Hazards
Choking can lead to blocking the baby’s airways. If the choking object is not removed immediately the baby may be unable to breathe. Choking is a major risk for babies and all small objects including small food items like grapes, food wrappers, small toys should be put away. Basically anything that is small enough to go inside the baby’s mouth should be kept far away from the baby’s reach.

Harmful Chemicals/Medicines
Harmful chemicals like cleaning items should be kept away in the top shelf to keep out of the baby’s reach. Medicines should also be locked away and should never be left lying around here and there.

Supervise Always
Your baby must be under adult supervision at all times. This does not mean that your baby won’t be able to play and crawl freely, but the little one always needs to be monitored. Even when the baby is sound asleep, your baby monitor should always be on. You must be able to reach baby very quickly to stop the baby from any harm.


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