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Don’t Let the Rainy Season Make Your Little One Sick: Take Care of These Six Things

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Surely, the rainy season feels soothing to our souls. But sometimes it can leave an adverse effect on your fragile little child. Newborns fall prey to the germs and bacteria that linger around in this season. As a result, they may easily catch the flu or cold.  

But like every other problem, there are solutions to this one as well. In this article, we’ve elaborated on things to be mindful of when taking care of your baby this monsoon. So, keep reading. 


  • Keep Away Those Damp Clothes 

The only place where damp clothes look good is in the laundry. You must make sure that your baby is never clothed in damp or wet attires. Monsoon air is already a little chilly. Coupled with wet clothing, it can be quite disastrous.  

So, wipe them dry properly after giving a bath. Otherwise, they may be susceptible to cough, cold, rashes, fever, or allergies.  


  • Maintain Hygiene 

A clean baby is a happy baby. So, bath your baby every other day. You may opt for a daily sponge bath as well to keep away the diseases. Their neck, underarms, genital and other folds and creases of the body should be cleaned thoroughly. But be gentle with the delicate body while you’re at it. 

If you’d like to stimulate the blood circulation in their body, give them a pre bath massage using a safe baby oil. Also, after patting them dry post-bath, apply a mild hypo-allergic baby moisturiser.  

Other than that, don’t forget to change their diapers on time. You should also give them ample diaper breaks to let the skin breathe properly. 


  • Keep the Baby Dry 

On top of keeping the baby away from wet clothes, you must make sure to keep the baby sweat free. The frequent alteration in temperature levels may make your baby sweat more than usual. So, make them wear light, cotton clothes. Also, make a habit of wiping the child now and then so that they stay sweat-free. You should apply a safe baby powder to make sure that the baby is free of excess moisture, especially in his/her folds and creases.


  • Befriend Mosquito Nets 

Unfortunately, the rainy season increases the presence of mosquitoes around us. So, to safeguard your delicate one from mosquito bites and diseases, cover them with mosquito nets. If you’re not fond of these nets, you may purchase mosquito repellents and coils. But make sure that those are baby-friendly.   


  • Boil/Purify Water 

You shouldn’t make your baby drink water that’s not boiled or purified properly. Nicely boiled water or water purified by a purification filter is safe and hence more suitable for your baby. So, use this water to prepare any kind of food or juice for the baby. But make sure that you cool down the water before giving it to your baby.  


  • Keep Your Home Clean 

One of the most important aspects of babyproofing your home is to keep it always clean. This is especially applicable if your child is learning to crawl. If there’s an accumulation of dirt or germs, it’ll spread different diseases. So, clean the floors with disinfectants regularly and vacuum the furniture. Don’t forget to maintain the hygiene of the internal drainage system or bathrooms as well. Especially, take care of the corners so that mosquitoes can’t nest there. If possible, pest control the entire house before the emergence of the monsoon.  


We would never like it if the giggling smile of our precious little one is dimmed by diseases. By keeping these things in check, you can keep your little one safe and happy. So, follow these tips and prepare a healthy environment to nurture your baby.