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Newborns Baby Safety: Visiting Guide, SIDS, Carrying Guide

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Your delicate newborn has entered the outside world for the first time. The little bundle is no longer inside the protection of your womb. The surroundings outside can have a negative effect for a feeble infant. It is necessary to take some special precautions to protect your newborn from potential risks and  ensure a healthy growth in the first six months of life.

Visiting Guide 

  • Visitors with any illnesses, even seemingly harmless cough, should postpone visiting. Newborns are not ready to fight even the most common illness like the seasonal flu.
  • During hospital stay both you and your newborn may be recovering from birth, so it is best to hold off visitors till reaching home.
  • Visitors who do come to visit must leave their shoes outside and wash hands with soap water, making sure to clean thoroughly.
  • No one should kiss the infant as it can pass harmful germs to the newborn which can lead to skin infection and in some cases, even death.
  • Visitors should not use flash when taking pictures of the newborn. The eyes of the infant still cannot see far, and flash might cause harm to a newborn’s eyesight.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

  • Put your newborn to sleep on their backs. It has been proven that it is safe for newborns to sleep on their backs instead of sleeping on side or on their bellies.
  • Pillows should be avoided to decrease the risk of SIDS as pillows can block a newborn’s airways.
  • Put the newborn in a sleeping sack or a onesie and avoid blankets as it can get in the way of the infant’s face and prevent breathing without your knowledge.
  • Put the  newborn to sleep in a firm mattress in a separate cot or co-sleep by following safe co-sleeping guidelines.
  • If possible breastfeed your infant as it reduces the risk of SIDS significantly.


Carrying Guide

  • Put your forearm under the newborn’s backbone and hold their head in your hand. Use both your hands to securely hold your newborn.
  • Secure baby in a car seat by ensuring the infant seat belt is locked.
  • Do not leave the newborn in infant vibrating sleepers, put the vibration on tow to avoid jerking the head.
  • If you’re planning to carry your newborn through baby carrier, secure them in place before moving around freely.
  • Never shake a newborn’s head or place them in a jerking motion.




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