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Common Baby Skin problems and how we can solve them

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A baby’s skin is more sensitive than the adults. So a baby may be more susceptible to face skin problems. A weaker immunity might also be a reason for that. Most of the time, inflammation and burning of the skin, rashes will cause a baby discomfort and it will cry harder which will, in turn, make it sicker. As parents, you need to be cautious in taking care of your baby’s skin. Do not hesitate to consult healthcare professionals in case your child develops skin problems this summer.


Sunburn is a very common problem to the sensitive skin of a baby. A baby’s skin can easily sunburn as it is so sensitive and soft. This increases the risk of skin cancer later on in its life.
If you see sunburns on your baby, douse a cloth in cool water and cover the skin with it for 10-15 minutes. Wipe your baby’s skin with wet clothes ¾ times a day until the reddish hue disappears. When the reddish hue is gone, apply lotions with natural ingredients to the baby’s skin. If the baby is still having discomfort, please consult a doctor.
Use umbrellas and full sleeve cotton dress on the baby to protect it from the sun whenever you are going out with the baby.

Heat Rash:

Heat rash is a regular problem for the baby. Almost every child contracts heat rashes. Heat rashes usually appear on the face, neck, armpits, and backsides of a baby. It is caused by the hair follicles of the skin being blocked with sweat. Heat rashes will cause itching on the baby’s skin.
If you see heat rashes on your baby’s skin, bathe it with mild hot water. Use mild soaps or baby wash for bathing. Apply baby powder on the dried skin after the bath. Doing this for a few days should get rid of the heat rashes. If the heat rashes persist after a few days and the baby feels discomfort, consult with a doctor.
To protect a baby from heat rashes, always keep it in a cool place, wipe the sweat down periodically. Use cotton clothes for your baby.

Diaper Rash:

When your baby shows signs of sore, red, and bumpy buttons then he/she may experience a diaper rash. This is another common skin problem for babies that can be caused by this trio: Too much moisture, too little air, and irritants in the common baby products like diapers. This may happen frequently in the first fifteen months of the baby’s life, mainly between the eighth and tenth months. If rashes develop, ramp up your baby bare for at least 10 minutes before putting on a new diaper. Sometimes the problem diminishes between four or five days. If it does not improve then, consult your child specialist before using a rash cream.

Infant Acne:

A lot of babies may develop infant acne, which may start from two or three weeks of age and may prevail until four to six months. These pimples may appear as a result of hormonal imbalance. But the good news is that infant acne may disappear naturally and won’t bother the baby too much. Also, it won’t leave any permanent scar on the baby’s skin. Just don’t try to heal it with soaps. Just use water two or three times a day and let it dry gently.

Insect Bites:

Insect bites, especially ant bites can cause tiny red rashes on the baby’s skin. This will cause itching of the skin.
If you see such marks on the skin, use mild soapy water to wash it off then apply wet clothes to the contracted area to subside the irritation. If the itching turns it into sores, consult with a doctor.
Try to keep the baby away from pests, mosquitoes, and insects. If it is a newborn keep it under a mosquito net.

Ring Rash or Tinea:

Ring rash or tinea is a fungal infection of the skin that might appear in different parts of a baby’s skin. The rash appears in ring form with a reddish hue and causes severe itching. Any antifungal cream is a good remedy for such infections. But before using any, consult a doctor if you see such marks on your baby’s skin.
Most of the baby’s skin problems may go away by themselves but if the problem persists you must always consult with a healthcare professional. It is always preferable not to let any problem contact your baby in the first place.


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