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How to boost your baby’s immunity

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Compared with adults, children generally are more susceptible to diseases and have a higher need to boost immunity. Any kind of disease can have an adverse effect on them. So you have to take a closer look at your baby’s food, sleep, vaccination and cleanliness from the very beginning. You can follow some tips to boost your baby’s immunity..

There is no alternative to breastfeeding for the proper nutrition of the baby. Breastmilk has a turbo-charged antibody that helps to increase the amount of white blood vessels. Breast milk has antibodies that can protect from various diseases like diarrhea, pneumonia etc. It is very important for the newborn after birth. So trying to breastfeed your baby for a certain period of time is essential.

Add Honey
Children are especially susceptible to cold fever during season change. You can add honey in your daily routine to make your baby more resistant from diseases. Honey has antioxidant properties which boost the immunity and can shield to a great extent from seasonal flues and cold.

Appropriate food habit
To ensure their physical and mental development, appropriate food habits have no alternative. As your baby grows up, try to add sufficient protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins in his/her daily routine. Try to avoid food from outside for your baby. This will affect the immune system of your baby. Add foods in your baby’s diet containing Vitamin A, B, B Complex, C, and D. At the same time, try to give your baby fresh fruits and vegetables. At the same time, try to feed your baby at a particular time daily.

Sleeping time
Sufficient sleep is a must for every age. It is more important for babies as sleep deprivation can lead to deterioration of health and can make them vulnerable to diseases. So you have to ensure proper sleep for your baby depending on the age.

Vaccination in the right age
Tetanus, measles, polio are some diseases that can be deadly for the newborn. So proper and timely vaccination is needed for the babies to boost immunity. BCG, polio, measles, pneumonia have particular doses for a particular age. Generally, those have to be given between two to 18 weeks. So vaccinate your baby at the right time according to the advice of your doctor.
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