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Keeping your baby hydrated in these summer days

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In comparison to other times you have to be a little more careful about your baby’s diet on a hot day. You need to bring change to your baby’s food habit with respect to their age. Generally in summer, water deficiency occurs more in the body compared to other seasons. Unlike adults, your infant is unable to express if he or she is having any problem. So as the baby continues to grow, make changes to his diet regularly so that the amount of water in their body is well balanced. If you follow a regular food chart and some other rules, you don’t have to worry too much about your baby’s health this summer.

Food chart for baby:

0-6 months baby:

Since a newborn baby breastfeeds, it does not need to drink water separately at this time. The baby will be able to drink water after starting a solid diet. However, if your baby is taking formula feeding, you can make them drink mild hot water.. Especially during the summer, if your baby takes formula feeding before going to bed at night and loses sleep at midnight, you can make them drink some water instead of formula feeding. But in this case, your pediatrician’s opinion is important.

6-12 months baby:

When your baby is given solid food, you can give one tablespoon or two tablespoons of water after taking a meal. Until the age of 1, breastfeeding or formula feeding should be regular. As well as a small amount of water should be given to your infant daily so that the amount of water in the body remains balanced. As babies in this age start to take solid foods a bit, feeding water after taking food is a good idea.

1-2 years old baby:

In addition to breast milk, you can give boiled cows milk to your baby. However, water should be consumed more often. You can give some cold fruit juice when it’s too hot outside. But if there are dental problems or colds, you can give any fruit juice like oranges, pomegranates, grapes, watermelons etc. at room temperature But you should use homemade fresh fruits for your baby. The baby can also take chicken broth, soft pish pash or vegetable soup. This will not make the body dehydrated.

Here are some more things you can do to keep your baby hydrated:
Keep your baby away from the sun. Do not take the baby out, especially in the morning when it’s too hot outside. You can take your baby out in the early morning or in the late evening when the sunlight is not so intense. Use an umbrella when you get out. Dress your baby with a soft cotton long sleeve shirt and pants so that air can easily pass. In addition, use baby powder regularly when the baby is sweating.
Keep the baby’s bedroom cool always. Excessive heat causes the baby to sweat, resulting in lack of water in the body. Check if enough air is circulating.
When a baby’s body becomes dehydrated, its skin becomes dull. So in such situations, please consult a pediatrician.
There will be times when babies do not want to drink water. So use a beautiful water pot so it can get a special feel. In addition, during the meal, you could teach it to hold a glass of water in its hand.
Make colorful juices for the baby with different colourful fruit. Most of the babies drink this with fun. Especially after watching so many colors in the juice, they get excited.
Bathing your baby every day often invites flu. On the other hand, the baby sweats frequently in the intense heat. So the day you do not bathe your baby, you can wipe the baby’s body with a sponge.

This summer, your baby can have a healthy body with no dehydration, if you follow the exact baby food chart and maintain other things.


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