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How to keep your baby busy at home

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As parents, one of our greatest worries is how to keep our babies busy at home. Especially during the days of COVID-19 pandemic when there is no option to take them out for a walk for some outdoor activities. It becomes quite a challenge to keep the baby preoccupied during these times. When a baby can not walk, one has to worry less to keep their baby busy. But as your baby grows up,you have to find new ways to keep them entertained. In a situation where all of the family members are at home most of the time, you may utilize it as an opportunity to get familiar with your baby, and teach them some new skills and activities. Here are some tips which you may find handy.

1) Invent some indoor games
You can simply pass a lot of time by playing hide and seek with your baby. As your baby strolls from one room to another, you can follow the baby very closely from behind. When he/she can’t see you, the baby will get restless. When the baby finds you, he/she will have a huge smile. This simple play will also help develop a strong bond between you two. If your baby is a little older, try to familiarize him/her with the memory game or listening game. These are some of the many classic indoor games that you can try out to keep your child busy.

2) Reading stories from books
It is quite normal for a toddler to treat the book as a toy and rip it apart. Even then, Provide your child with books full of pictures. Your baby may not recognise the letters, but pictures will definitely ring some sorts of bell in their mind. When the baby takes some break after relentless playing, read them stories from the book. In the digital age where there is a whole new generation called ‘Youtube Kid, reading as a habit may become less attractive. However, children need to develop a habit of reading since it helps in their intellectual development.
When you have to stay the whole day at home, you will find ample time to do this. So, grab the opportunity and help your little one’s imagination soar in the imaginary world of books.

3) Try some indoor sports
As your toddler learns to grab something and throw it, he/she will learn to play sports quickly. As you can’t take your baby for outdoor activities, you can play with the baby inside the house. Make your balcony a makeshift cricket pitch and make your kid a batsman while you become a part time bowler. You can also simply play some sort of football in the corridor. Few things are a better timepass than sports for kids. But keep in mind to use only the sports equipment that are specially prepared for babies. Playing with soft balls or plastic bats, will reduce any risks of injury or breakage in the house.

4) Get familiar with legos and blocks

Legos and blocks are great choices to keep the child preoccupied. Legos and blocks help your child build organizational skills and exercise their analytical ability.As your baby grows up, teach him/her how to play with these. However, legos may become a choking hazard if left unsupervised. So, keep an eye on your child when they play with Legos or blocks and make sure you see the age recommendation on the pack when buying these.

5) Enjoy Music and dancing with the baby
From a very early age, most babies respond to music very well. When the baby starts walking, even he/she tries to emulate some dancing steps from TV. You may try some easy music instrument for your baby. If you are free try to enjoy some dancing lessons with your kid. Your baby will definitely enjoy it a lot.

6) Familiarize with colors and paintings

Getting familiar with color is one of the important things for your baby’s development. Before starting drawing at school, you can help your baby to recognize the colors. There are a lot of attractive drawing materials available for your preschooler. While buying, just make sure that the materials you get are kid friendly and non toxic.


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