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Motherhood requires adjusting to a lot of changes in one’s lifestyle. Being a mother is the best feeling a woman could experience but there are also some challenges that a mother needs to face. One of those challenges include maintaining fitness. As a breastfeeding mother, you’ll need to opt for some exercises to build physical strength, lose pregnancy weight, and improve your mental well being. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help reduce stress and depression. Paired with a healthy balanced diet, it also helps you lose fat without compromising your milk supply.

After pregnancy you should not start exercising right away. After you restore your strength with proper rest, start with a light exercise routine. During the first few weeks of your baby’s life, focus most of your energy in caring for your baby and yourself. Always stay hydrated and slip in as much sleep as you can. Once you feel you’ve recovered from childbirth, check with your physician to see if you can get started with moderate exercises.

Walk outside with your baby so both baby and you can catch some fresh air and light exercise. Regular walks cause a spike in serotonin levels, thus inducing positive mood & feelings. If you’re planning to add cardio and other strength-based exercises to your routine, do it atleast after the first two months of childbirth.

Losing weight rapidly right after pregnancy is not the right way. Losing more than 1 pound a week during breastfeeding Environmental toxins in your breast milk may increase if you lose any more than 1 pound/week This happens when you’re burning fat too quickly. Consuming food rich in nutrients and calories helps prevent rapid weight loss.

New mothers should consume at least 1,800 calories in a day. Mothers who breastfeed for at least 3-6 months find it easier to cut down the weight they picked up during pregnancy. The only safe way of cutting back your weight while breastfeeding is by maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet. Starving yourself, on the other hand, leads to lower milk supply, malnourishment and fatigue.

As a breastfeeding mother who works out, you must always stay hydrated. Another thing which is not brought into consideration is the importance of a supportive, high-impact bra. As your breast goes through various changes throughout this time it is really necessary that you get a really supportive and at the same time comfortable bra while you exercise.

Regular exercise has many health benefits to the new mothers. These benefits include: healthy weight loss, increased fitness and psychological well being. It can also fasten the recovery, and help rebuild muscle strength. But always consult with your doctor before starting any postnatal exercise program.