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7 learning activities for your toddler

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As your child grows up, his/her mental and intellectual development also continues simultaneously. Your child starts to develop their personality and observes everything around him/her from new perceptions. So to accompany him in this journey you have a big role to play. You can familiarize him with some activities which are not only entertaining but also educational. Here are some activities that your baby may enjoy.

1.Playing Dress Up

You have to dress your baby for a certain age. But one day he will have to wear his dress on his own, so you have to teach it gradually. Playing dress up will help him become independent.

Give your toddler a number of dresses at the same time. Pick a color and tell him to select a dress of that color and wear it. He may not be able to do it on his own initially, but if you continue this process, one day he won’t need your help to wear his dresses.

2. Finding the hidden toys

One of the easiest games for your child is to find the hidden toys. Just keep a favorite toy of your child in a corner in the room and ask him to find it. You can also join in the ‘search mission’. Give him some clues so that he feels motivated. This will give your child the unique joy of discovering something.

3. Reading him storybooks

Telling stories from books is a great way to develop your child’s imagination. Show him pictures from the book and familiarize him with characters one by one. This will help to develop his creativity as well as language skills.

4. Playing with dolls or animal toys

Playing with animal toys or dolls is another effective way to teach your babies how to be responsible. Give him a set of animal toys or dolls. Teach him how to take care of the animal or doll. As he learns to consider the animal or toy as a constant companion, he will develop a sense of empathy, care,love and responsibility.

5. Drawing and painting

One of the most effective ways to develop the creativity of your toddler is to teach them how to draw. You can start off with just a pencil and a white paper at first and ask him to draw randomly. Then, follow that with colours and crayons. He may make a mess of his clothes and surroundings, at first, but with time, your baby will gradually learn to play with colors.

6. Crafting

Crafting is another popular activity nowadays. Children like to make beautiful things with different colored crafting pages, gules, scissors, glitters. One thing you have to keep in mind, you have to review the basic safety procedures before starting. Read the labels of the products carefully. Make sure your child has enough space for playing and has all the materials in one place. You should give colors that are non toxic, safety scissors and baby safe glitters to your baby when they are crafting. Of course, you should not leave your child unattended while crafting. Maybe your toddler may find it hard to understand the purpose of these activities at first. However, with time, they will learn how to have fun and learn from these.

7. Understanding the organs

While playing with your child, you can easily make him familiar with the different body organs. Suppose you can ask him playfully, ‘Where is your hand?’ Then you can show him your hand and he will recognize it slowly. Thus you can make him familiar with the other body organs. Soon he can tell what his hand, leg, forehead, mouth, or head is.

Intellectual and social development of your child depends a lot on his/her daily activities. So, Try to engage in some something he/she will find entertaining and will be good for him/her in the long run


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