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Mom’s Recommendation: 5 easy ways prep your toddler for bed

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Whether your baby is growing up properly depends a lot on proper food habits and sleep. Most parents will agree: putting the baby to sleep at the right time is not an easy task. Children tend to wake up frequently in their sleep. This results in the child having a temper, decreased appetite, and increased crying. So to ensure proper sleep for your baby you should follow a strict routine.

A lot of mothers recommend to follow a particular routine for putting the baby to sleep. Let’s understand how you can ensure a sleeping friendly atmosphere for your baby and how to prepare for it.

Maintain Specific time and bed for sleep
Follow a particular time to put your baby to sleep every day. If you make a habit of it your baby will want to sleep at that particular time. Let your baby play in the daytime and in the evening so that he/ she may get tired at night and go to sleep early. Put your baby to sleep at a particular place every day. Changing the bed frequently may result in a lack of adequate sleep for the baby.

Dress and Cleanliness during sleeping
Put your baby in cotton clothes before sleeping. Babies can have an uninterrupted long sleep in comfortable cotton clothes. Sponge your baby’s body with a clean towel and put some powder before sleep. You can use Just for Baby Powder which is made of natural ingredients for baby’s skin.

Let there not be light
Don’t put any bright lights in the baby’s room at night. Your baby will mistake it as daylight. As your baby is accustomed to play at day, he/she won’t want to sleep. You can manage dim lights in your baby’s room. Try to ensure a semi dark ambience in your baby’s room.

Ensure proper food before sleep
Feed your baby enough food at night before putting them to sleep. Otherwise, your baby may wake up at midnight out of hunger. Try to feed something solid two hours before sleep and let your baby play for a while. This will help your baby to digest the food properly and will let them have a sound sleep.

Sing Lullabies and keep toys
Pat your baby’s back mildly while putting them to sleep and sing them lullabies. Your child will go to a deep sleep soon. Let your baby feel your care and cuddles. Keep your baby’s favorite toys beside the bed. But put the soft toys only so that your baby doesn’t get hurt while sleeping.

A particular routine will help your baby get a sound sleep. So try to follow a routine to ensure a hassle-free bed time for your baby.