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How to develop your child’s motor skills

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Developing your child’s motor skills means improving the muscles of the hands and legs of babies by regular use. A growing child learns to do his/her little jobs such as making something with logos, playing play-doh games, grabbing the pencils, opening a tiffin box on his/her own. These are some activities that can develop the muscles of children.

To develop the motor skills children can be engaged in something like crafting. Playing can easily develop a child’s motor skill because it needs the reflexive actions of hands and legs. So before choosing toys for your children, motor skills should be kept in mind.

Besides playing, children need to do some educational work too. Playing and learning at the same time can be a fruitful option to develop motor skills. Activities such as tying shoelaces, to button up, to comb the hair, brushing teeth etc. can be tried. If your baby gets used to doing his/her work on his/her own, it will improve the quality and mobility of your baby’s work.
There are certain things you need to have a look at for developing the motor skills of your children.

Strengthening muscles of hands and legs
Playdoh is very effective to strengthen muscles of hands and legs. Let your child build some things with playdough by twisting and turning. This will improve the muscles of the baby’s hand. You can also make paper balls for your baby. To strengthen the legs, let your baby run or play with balls.

Hand-eye coordination
For developing hand-eye coordination let your baby draw with colors. You can also let him/her play with watercolors. Provide your baby sponges as it will strengthen the muscles of your fingers. Meanwhile drawing will improve hand-eye coordination. As your baby grows up a bit, let him/her do some outdoor sports like cricket or badminton for this purpose.

Creativity of your baby
Another important thing to develop your baby’s motor skill is creativity. Origami with papers such as making birds or flowers-fruits, balls can be creative pursuits for your baby. Try to teach your baby to build cars, buildings with lego sets and let him play freely.


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