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Understand the secret language of your toddler

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As your child starts talking, you may take a sigh of relief, ‘At last he can speak of himself now’. But children may still use some sorts of body language that they communicate with. So you have to pay attention carefully to what they are trying to express through their ‘code language’.

Your child may tell you where he/she will sit or which dress he/she wears. But when your toddler develops a complex feeling he/she may not express it properly. Here are some behaviors your baby may show which will need your utmost attention.

Your child is not making eye contact with you:

When your child is not making eye contact with you, you have to understand that your child is embarrassed for a certain reason. Shyness is very natural for toddlers. Maybe your child does not want to communicate with unknown people, maybe he/she feels socially awkward, or maybe your children doesn’t like it when an unknown person greets him/her. Another possibility of their shyness could be that they have done something wrong.

If such situations arise, where you’re understanding that they are uncomfortable, try to comfort your baby slowly, especially if you’re in front of many people. Don’t insist or force them to behave normally. Such things may have a bad effect in the long run. If you sense that they have done something bad, make them understand that they should not do it. If your child has done any damage, teach him/her that this is not right., Encourage them to admit mistake. You can also arrange for small gifts if your child admits a mistake of him/her.

Your toddler is shy in front of other children

Sometimes your toddler may start to scream or cry if you show affection to any other child. This means your baby needs attention. Children do behave like this when they think that you are not paying enough attention to them. Children are very possessive about their parents, maybe this is a reason for this.

If you observe this type of behavior then take her in your lap and cuddle her. Comfort them by reassuring them that you love them the most in the world, and showing love to other children won’t do any harm to her. Instead, you should encourage them to be friendlier with others.

Your toddler starts to throw legs before getting any toy or food:

Children are naturally restless and impatient. When they demand something, sometimes they need it immediately. Maybe he/she wants food, wants to go outside or sleep. Children have limited control over their brain so when they demand something they want it right at the moment by throwing their legs or hands.
If you observe this type of behavior, try to calm your baby. Try to understand what your child wants. But don’t give them everything immediately as per her demand. Make them understand that they need to wait and keep patience sometimes. When they will grow up they will behave more considerately.

When your children throw or break their toys:

Sometimes if your toddler behaves violently, for example, if they throw or break things, you shouldn’t ignore it or laugh it off. Instead, you should understand why your baby is behaving that way.

When your toddler behaves like this, it may be because they are not feeling well or need more attention from you. Don’t let this make you anxious and don’t lose your temper on your baby. Instead, try to spend more time with them. Try to play with their favorite toys. These little things will help him calm down.

Every child is unique and has their own characteristics. But there are some common traits which may help you to get a perception of their behavior. So observe their activities carefully and try to understand their secret language. Your patience will help you a lot to communicate with your child